Saturday, July 28, 2012

A-Z of 2012

I thought it might be fun to try and read a book by an author beginning with every letter of the alphabet:

A = Armstrong, Kelley "Hidden"
B = Bacigalupi, Paulo "Drowned Cities"
C = Clare, Cassandra "City of Bones"
D = Donoghue, Emma "Room"
E = Einfeld, CS "Neverdark"
F = Fox, Patrick "Trinity"
G = Gisby, Brendan "Island of Whispers"
H = Healety, Karen "The Shattering"
I =
J = Jones, Paul "Extinction Point"
K = Kidd, Paul "Dreamscape"
L = Landy, Derek "Skullduggery Pleasant"
M = Mills, Becca "Nolander"
N = Ness, Patrick "A Monster Calls"
O = Oppel, Kenneth "Silverwing"
P = Pragg, Beaulah "The Silver Hawk"
Q =
R = Roth, Veronica "Divergent"
S = Simon, Rachel "The Story of Beautiful Girl"
T = Tanner, Lian "Museum of Thieves"
U =
V = Vernon, Ursula "Nurk"
W = Westerfeld, Scott "Goliath" (and the others)
X = Xinran "Sky Burial"
Y= Yoganoff, Brenna  "Smoulder"
Z = Zander, Bianca "The Girl Below"